Mar 31, 2012

Using LaTeX in Windows 7

Despite being a supporter and believer of software freedom, often times I've to compromise and use proprietary software. Since many of the people I have to collaborate and communicate with are completely running on proprietary or mixed platform like me, its a good idea to have a list of open source and proprietary software combinations of choice.

My favorite combination of software tools for using LaTeX in Windos 7 is MikTex, LEd. MikTex is the core LaTeX engine, can be downloaded for free from the miktex project's website. MikTex comes with it's own editor, but I prefer LEd since it allows arranging source files into projects. LEd can be downloaded from here.

For the MikTeX+LEd combination, MikTeX must be downloaded and installed before LEd since it uses the MikTex engine for compiling documents.

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