Mar 31, 2012

Using LaTeX in Windows 7

Despite being a supporter and believer of software freedom, often times I've to compromise and use proprietary software. Since many of the people I have to collaborate and communicate with are completely running on proprietary or mixed platform like me, its a good idea to have a list of open source and proprietary software combinations of choice.

My favorite combination of software tools for using LaTeX in Windos 7 is MikTex, LEd. MikTex is the core LaTeX engine, can be downloaded for free from the miktex project's website. MikTex comes with it's own editor, but I prefer LEd since it allows arranging source files into projects. LEd can be downloaded from here.

For the MikTeX+LEd combination, MikTeX must be downloaded and installed before LEd since it uses the MikTex engine for compiling documents.

Mar 27, 2012

Matlab Cell Array

Cell arrays is a tabular data structure in Matlab, useful for storing heterogeneous objects whereas arrays can hold only homogeneous objects. Elements in cell array can have different dimensions as well. Elements of cell array, called cells, can contain
  • numeric arrays
  • strings
  • structures
  • cell arrays
Following example code creates and populates a cell array :

A = {['1st element'] [2 3] [8 9 7; 1 2 3] ['a' 'b']};

Index is written within curly braces e.g. A{1} to access the elements of a cell array. To recursively display the contents of a cell array, celldisp function can be used. For example, celldisp(A) produces the following result

A{1} =

1st element

A{2} =

2 3

A{3} =

8 9 7
1 2 3

A{4} =


The contents of a cell array can be visualized with cellplot function, cellplot(A) would produce the following visualization.

This entry on mathworks blog can be consulted for farther information.

Mar 17, 2012

Useful keyboard shortcuts for Sciplore Mindmapping

This post will be expanded / edited as I find more and more useful keyboard shortcuts

Graphical link : Crtl + L
Select two nodes in the order (source, destination)

Move a node : Crtl + Arrow
Moves the node one higher/lower along the tree or shifts it in the ordered list of nodes in same level

New sibling node after selected one : Enter

New sibling node before selected one : Shift + Enter

New child node : Insert