Jul 17, 2011

Map of Mentawak Beach

Juara Turtle Project is a sea turtle conservation effort at the Juara village of Tioman island in Malaysia. Currently they are monitoring three beaches on the east coast of Tioman. Depending on tide schedule, the conservationists at JTP take turns patrolling the Mentawak beach every night.

I surveyed the Mentawak beach while volunteering at JTP for a month. This map of Pasir Mentawak(Mentawak Beach) is based on the GIS data collected through out June 2011. High-tide line, low-tide line, vegetation line along with some important geographic features and landmarks are shown on this map. A Garmin Etrex GPS receiver was used for data collection. These low cost GPS receivers being sand and water resistant are ideal for the job IMHO. An open source graphics editor, Inkscape was used to plot the map. The image posted in this blog entry is a low resolution bitmap. Vector version in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format or a PDF file is available upon request.

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