May 16, 2011

Visualizing Genetic Algorithms 1

I've started working on a Genetic Algorithm visualizer tool. The primary goal is to visualize every individual (suboptimal solution) in every generation till termination of the algorithm. Each individual is assigned an unique ID which, along with the individual's parents' IDs can be seen on top left corner of each icon. The number at the bottom left corner is the fitness value of the individual. Apart from this, average fitness, best fitness of every generation are also plotted. Using C++ and OpenGL to build the visualizer tool.

In the picture above, I'm trying to breed a regular pentagon starting with initial population of 20 randomly generated pentagons. The fitness function used here is the standard deviation of distances of the vertices from a point inside the pentagon. Here we can see the 11 generation of pentagons on the same page. I will be posting more updates.

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